Temp recording of music for CONNECTIVITY, a short dance film project collaboration between Alexis Floyd and Talia Shea Levin


All you wanna do is change me

You don't give a ! who I am

Must've been the way He made me

White girl in the wrong skin


When will I learn

To stop doing the things 

That are hurting me


When will I be

When will I be ready

For God


All the sudden

You want to feel somebody

But you're running away


All the sudden

You're putting fear in my way

And you're letting it stay


How long you gonna hide from me?

No, don't blame them

And don't blame me


You're un-making me

You say you love yourself

But you're lying


It's not enough who I am

Not enough

Who I am


It's enough



I wanna give

I wanna live

Will you let me 


I wanna give

I wanna get to know you better

Better than this



I wanna give

I wanna live