"GIMME ALL YOUR LOVE is proof that sometimes you just have to go out there and create." - Micah Van Hove for No Film School 5.12.16

Between the passion of the dance, the story that’s told, and the amazing camera work, this video is guaranteed to make you feel something!
— Jawbreaker
The festival opener [ALL-SIGHT] asks, “What happens when our desire to live in the past overwhelms our motivation to live in the present?” ...Though it ends sweetly, it’s a heartbreaking story that, despite the science fiction, isn’t too far from reality.
— The Tartan
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"Female Directors in the Film Industry: Fair Treatment?" - Tracy Held Potter for Cinemastilo 9.23.14


"Talia Shea Levin: Makin' Mov(i)es" - Sarah Hodgson for Her Campus 9.23.14


shots Presents features E T A in their annual LA showcase of the year’s best Source Creative - Scout selections at the ArcLight Santa Monica

Specially selected from Source’s Scout pages - itself a shots-curated repository of fledgling talent - the collection featured such treats as Talia Shea Levin’s hypnotic and emotionally charged E T A ...
— Jamie Madge - Co-Editor, shots

E T A screens at The Los Feliz 3 Cinemas (for the first time in 5.1 surround sound!) in the 2019 Los Angeles Dance Film Festival


Solitary Creatures rounds out the Halloween 2017 edition of the TinyRhino 10-minute play festival and theatrical drinking game, produced by Play Collaborative Arts at Art Share L.A.


A rough cut of E T A screens at the Made in NY Media Center as part of Dance Films Association's April 2017 Dance Film Lab, moderated by Anna Rose Holmer (The Fits)


Gimme All Your Love screens in the Broke Film section of the Broke LA Music & Arts Festival on April 23rd, 2016


All-Sight featured in the Steeltown Film Factory & Community Showcase screening at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont